Summer is ending

I sit here this morning, at 6:45 am, staring at my fish vase while drinking my mocha iced green tea and wondering…….where did the summer go!?!. Iknow….it technically is still summer, but now that I’m living in the South, school started on August 5th this year. Insane!  Back in NY, we didn’t start until after Labor Day in September, the “official” ending of summer.  Why does the South end it so soon?  We were still reaching the 90s when school began, and because of that, the fall feeling is in the air without the fall temps.

This summer was crazy for my family. We had alot of downs and bad luck, and I felt terrible that we hadn’t done much with the kids.  But at the end of July, we did go back to NY to see family and spend time with friends…..thus, the fish vase.  The family we stayed with live on the North Shore and decorated their house in beach theme and they had this fish vase in the kitchen, as well a big one out in the yard.  I found mine on clearance at CVS last week and am delightfully reminded of our end of summer NY vacation everytime we sit at the brearfast nook.  It also reminds me of how much I actually miss NY 🙁