My Mornings

There are soooo many ideas out there about what to eat and drink in the mornings. I am NOT a breakfast person. Everything is too heavy…….muffins, biscuits (huge in the South!), french toast, pancakes, bacon, sausage, eggs…… goes on and on. My husband loves that crap! Who has time for that?

Then you have the healthy meals, yogurt, fruit, smoothies and such.

OK…..that I like, but yogurt reeks havoc on my intestines and fruit goes bad too quickly.  I can’t keep running to the store to buy fruit, and who has time to pull out a blender every morning? It’s bad enough when we wake up, its still dark! Who’s hungry at that time other than teenagers?  I think everyone falls into this category. Mornings are “get up and go”!

Nutritionists say you need fuel in the morning to get going.

Ok……I guess I have to eat something.

Nutritionists also say fruit is digested the quickest, within 20 mins.

Ok…..I’ll try that.

They also say you need protein and healthy fats to sustain you throughout the morning.

Ok… it.

According to a British nutritionist, Gillian Mc Keith, fruit should be eaten alone. If consumed  with protein or grains, it causes gas.

Ugh! That’s happened to me, but I think I got a solution that works for me.

I start off with my iced green tea while I’m getting ready in the AM. Wake up girl!

 I love this stuff! Green Tea Hawaii Kona Mocha flavor.  It gives me that coffee taste I love without all of the caffeine. Made with stevia and noni juice so it’s low in calories (about 6) and full of antioxidants.

Then I go for the squeezy fruit to get my fruit on.

There’s all sorts of flavors, they’re organic and non-GMO.  I don’t have to guess the serving size and I can eat it on the go. No chewing involved! They’re between 60 and 70 calories and I dont have to worry about it going bad. Applesauce isn’t just for kids anymore. They’re starting to put veggies in them too. I carry these with me all of the time for a quick snack if I haven’t eaten for a while.

Then about 30 mins later, to satiate me, I eat peanut butter.

Yep……peanut butter. 2 tablespoons, 190 calories. That’s all I need. It has protein and fat and it actually satisfies my hunger by the mid morning.  I usually get the single serving sizes, but I don’t have any right now. I also want to get into organic peanut butter. I need to do some shopping.

So there’s my breakfast……..about 260 calories. Yeah it’s low, but it gets me going and holds me until lunch (another problem I have!).

Peace 🙂