Tonight’s Dinner-Pasta Carbonara

This is a BIG favorite in our house.

Now…….traditional Carbonara is made with egg and onions, but the boys won’t eat the onions and I like to keep it simple.  Actually, they wont eay the mushrooms either, but theyre big enough that they can pick out without much complaining. This dish is basically an Alfredo sauce with the fixings.

My first taste of Carbonara was a pizza place in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. I wish I remembered the name of the restaurant, but it was soooooo long ago. Probably 1989 or 1990. I can’t recall the onions, but the creamy bacon flavor with mushrooms and peas left quite an impression.  One of the pluses to an ex relationship.

Before the boys were born, I discovered Trader Joe’s.  They sell fettuccine Alfredo in frozen bags, so I used it as a sneaky cheaty and added the mushrooms, pancetta and peas.  It was love ever since.

Here in Tennessee, I’m not that close to a Trader Joe’s anymore, and I need to make larger meals since the boys are much bigger now. So making it myself is more cost effective for the amount that I need to feed my family of boys.

I start by boiling water for pasta. Today I had linguini, but I’ve made it with spaghetti, bucatini and of course fettuccine before.

Then I saute mushrooms in a skillet with some butter. When they’re soft, I Sprinkle with a little salt.

I sliced up Canadian bacon and threw that in. It’s also good with bacon or pancetta. I’ve also used left over holiday spiral ham. Mmmmm!

Then add a bag of frozen peas.

Mix in the goodies with the pasta and now make the Alfedo sauce.

In a separate small pot, melt butter…..

Add 2 minced garlic bulbs….

Add heavy cream…..

Then when the cream is warm and slightly simmering, add grated parmesan cheese.  (The link to the recipe for the Alfredo sauce asks for parsley, but I didn’t have any.)

Stir 🙂

Then pour the sauce into the pasta and stir it all together.

It’s definately NOT a light meal and I don’t make it often, but it’s so tasty and satisfying. Perfect for this cooler weather we’re having.