Quick Meal

For last night’s dinner I took out some chicken breasts that I filleted.

We eat alot of grilled chicken. It’s a quick meal, and leftovers are so versatile.

After my chicken was thawed, I mixed some avocado oil and this Loveless Cafe Chicken Shake spice together and coated the chicken.  Loveless Cafe is a famous Nashville comfort food restaurant. They have a little market store where they sell their products, but you can also get them online.

My husband grilled the chicken while I heated up some sides.

I made 2 Trader Joe’s Cheese Bread Spirals.  It’s so good and so bad for you! Buttery Phyllo with 5 different cheeses…….sinful!

I also heated up a spanakopita wheel also from Trader Joe’s.

So quick and easy to make. The perfect sides for grilled chicken on those quick meal nights.

I cut up some fresh broccoli and micro steamed it.

Delicious, FAST meal! Yum!